Imaging Facility

3 Tesla MRI – Siemens Magnetom


Brain Research Center & UMRAM houses a Siemens MAGNETOM Trio system with transmit array capability.

– fMRI and DTI sequence licenses
– A visual stimulus presentation system that is composed of NEC NP125 projector, NuView 489MCZ900 long-throw lens, 2 x first reflectance mirrors (DaLite), Translucent backprojection screen

– fORP 904 fMRI trigger & response system (Current Designs)
– Long range optics MR-compatible eye-tracking system (ASL)
– 3 x Brainvoyager licenses for fMRI analysis
– An 8 core workstation for data analysis (HP Z600)

EEG System


Brain Research Center & UMRAM houses 64 channel MR Compatible EEG System (Brain Products, GmbH).

The system includes the following:
– BrainAmp MR: MR Compatible Amplifier (64 channels)
– BrainAmp ExG MR: MR Compatible Bipolar System (12 channels)
– SyncBox: Phase synchronization between the EEG equipment and the MRI scanner
– Softwares: BrainVision Analyzer – BrainVision Recorder – BrainVision RecView

Psychophysics Labs


Psychophysics lab is a dark room which is dedicated to visual research experiments.

Our equipment include the following:

– Desktop remote mounted optics eye-tracking system (Applied Science Laboratories)
– Three Desktop PCs
– Two 21 inch, one 30 inch LCD monitors (NEC)
– Two head/chin rests