Brain research at Bilkent University is an interdisciplinary effort involving faculty members from the National Magnetic Resonance Research Center (UMRAM), the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) and the departments of Psychology,  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, Molecular Biology and Genetics.  Its aim is to understand the working principles of the human brain at the molecular,  cellular, cognitive and behavioral levels, and to develop treatments and diagnostic technologies and methods for nervous system-related disorders.

Bilkent’s Brain Research Center (Beyin Araştırmaları Merkezi, BAM), of which construction had been made possible by a generous donation from Aysel Sabuncu, will bring together the Neuroscience Graduate Program and UMRAM under one roof; supplying the equipment, and laboratory infrastructure necessary to support their rapidly growing research groups. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of brain research, lecturers and students from different fields will come together in a positive synergy, which will be beneficial for their growth and performance. The establishment of this center will create a point of attraction for new instructors, thus aiding in the growth of the Neuroscience Graduate Program, leading to larger profile externally supported projects.